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Organic cold-pressed coconut oil extracted by our team from fine ceylon coconuts grown in local farmer's yards surrounding our mill. 

Our versatile all-natural oil carries numerous health and beauty benefits and comes in  four variations to suit your needs. The 300ML jar is perfect for using in your daily beauty and hair routine at home while the handy 40ML will perfectly suit you to keep in your office or bedside table or you can go for the duo pack and stock up so you never run out. We love using it as a lip balm or for any dry skin problems at all times. You also have the opportunity to purchase both 300ML and 40ML jars in a lovely pack. All of our boxes include a booklet with instructions on how to use the product. Here at COHAII, our aim is to give you the very best of product and advice supporting healthy living. 

Enjoy your versatile coconut oil and join us in enriching lives of Sri Lankan elephants. 

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