healthy body, healthy mind 

Beauty is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle, and beauty comes in many forms.

Beauty is not just about a balanced diet and exercise, it’s about healthy relationships and self-sufficiency which boosts spiritual and physical health.

We believe an interconnection of all these elements leads to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Many beauty products in the market represent quick fixes or cover-ups for skin problems, COHAII aims to support much more, including overall personal wellbeing.

Please enjoy our versatile coconut oil and candles mindfully, helping you destress and create a serene atmosphere for your mind. We aim to inspire people to accept themselves, enjoy their own true beauty and relish what makes them truly unique.

Your inner peace and happiness is important to us.

Although a conscious, mindful lifestyle can be seen as a slow and difficult practice, it is believed to be the best route to a happy, balanced individual. 


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