Our Story

The COHAII story has been decades in the making.

Our mill is set amidst the hustle and bustle of coconut groves in Central Sri Lanka, meaning we’re in prime position to hand-pick the very best organic coconuts from the local farms surrounding our village. We use the age-old technique of cold pressing to extract raw virgin coconut oil to ensure our products are in the high quality you deserve.With our passion for supporting the elephant population in the region, you can do good, whilst looking good.

Our latest addition to COHAII family is our hand poured coconut wax candles. Coconuts with "cosmetic defects" are used in the making of our candles, ensuring a zero waste in our production process. We have a range of beautifully scented candles, each with its own story from travel inspirations and crackling wood wicks which makes them extra special. 

COHAII (Formerly CO + CO) was founded when Isurika Kesara migrated to the UK to study at eighteen years old. After her graduation, she started developing a business idea from her own personal experience….

When she first migrated to the UK, she experienced a totally new world. It’s fair to say that the North East is literally a world away from the Sri Lankan countryside. It was also the first time she was introduced to so many different hair and beauty products and started to fall in love with the choices available here in the UK.

However, after some time trying new products, she noticed the lack of natural glow on her skin. After trying numerous options without any results, she remembered how her grandmother used coconut oil on everything from head to toe…

She started getting her mother to send over little pots of coconut oil and got her natural glow back… Pretty soon all her friends and housemates were also hooked and COHAII was born to deliver pure, healthy, nutritious coconut oil to the whole of the UK! 

COHAII believes in allowing natural beauty to thrive and aims to enrich health, wellness and balance in life. We are proud of our honest and unique individuality, caring for a happier planet.

Find out more about benefits of our coconut oil, or see our range of our beautiful products today.


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