Posted on August 02 2017

Coconut trees are considered as God’s gift in tropical countries and islanders believe they can list at least hundred uses just from this single tree. From its stem to its branches the coconut trees provide numerous uses which comes free of charge for the island people. Coconut trees grow in dry climates and takes around 10-15 years to be fully grown and productive. Indonesia, Philippines,Thailand, Brazil, Sri Lanka are popular countries where coconut trees are grown. Coconut trees have been mentioned in written ancient history books and it dates back to centuries past. Mahavamsa, (a written record of Sri Lankan history) mentions about coconut plantain in 589 A.D during the period of king Agrabodhi which takes back its origins to 1500 years ago. 
Coconut Oil is an incredibly versatile product. Our research has shown that there is a huge opportunity to educate consumers on its other uses. COHAII is a cost-effective solution to replace many individual products that you may have in their home. Some of the uses include:
+ Skin softening
+ Skin moisturising
+ Treatment for dry, split end hairs
+ Scalp cleansing and keeps the hair roots healthy, strong
+ De-stressing massage oil
+ Teeth whitening
+ Cleansing and make up removing
+ For healthy lashes and eye brows
+ Kills bacteria and viruses
+ Healthy digestion and easy absorption of nutrients
+ Increase physical health and endurance
+ Strong bones and teeth
+ Helps control weight/obesity
+ Reduces the risk of heart problems
+ Pets health and skin



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