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Active lifestyle is a key factor to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. Most of us already know this and have experienced a stream of energy after a good workout session in the gym. However, we also struggle to get into a habit of daily exercises due to other commitments that sparkle on the top of the list.

To stay healthy, adults aged 19-64 should try to be active daily. 30 minutes of mixture of physical activities five days a week will suffice to meet the required guidelines of 150 minutes weekly exercises. However, this is to maintain your weight if you want to loose weight this could slightly change. For example, you could add another 15 minutes to your workout. It is also important to remember to take rests in between the total of seven days. And try to stick to a plan which you have written down in paper and also put it on display where you can notice it every morning. We like to take rest days on Wednesdays and Sundays.


To keep physical health in good condition you necessarily dont have to pay a lot of money for personal training or very expensive workout classes. However, it is important to have a mixture of activities so it will an interesting experience. You could easily lead a happy and healthy physical life by joining an inexpensive local Gym (commute to gym should be ideally around 20 minutes) , few workout classes of your choice a month and most importantly a mindset to lead a healthy lifestyle. Educating yourself on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and constant reminders on your wellbeing education for a period of time will automatically help you achieve the right mindset. Good luck!


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