Posted on October 31 2017


It is said that 64% of our skin is water based, which explains why it is essential to keep hydrating the skin. This step is key in everyday skin care, through out the whole year, especially in the summer and winter months. During the winter months as a result of cold and dry air (humidity drop) outside, the water in our skin evaporates more rapidly leaving our skin dehydrated.


Signs of dry skin, white patches, flaking is common due to this change in outside air and also this can lead to blemishes and wrinkles if not been taken care of. It is important to moisturize your skin regularly to maintain healthy skin. We love to use coconut oil as a nightly treatment to cure any dry patches in the skin or use as a hair mask once a week. A jar of COHAII coconut oil can be very handy during these months as coconut oil boasts in reputation for providing natural and organic moisture for both skin and hair. You can use a mild, alcohol free light moisturizer during the day; make sure to wear a SPF if you spend time outdoors in winter months.


And also it is equally important to drink 8-12 glasses a day to hydrate your skin internally as it helps with blood circulation and healthy digestion, which will reflect on your skin. And if you feel tired of drinking a lot of water like us, try fruit infused water or even try different types of tea. Loose teas are the best choice. We love barley tea at the minute. Try it out.



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