Posted on January 15 2018

Planning your week can make it exciting and break the nostalgic feeling of a same old routine. Taking few hours rest or engaging in one of your favorite tasks in the middle of the work week (yoga, swimming, spa or sauna, going to the park) means it adds a little special treat to keep the week going and for you to look forward to. And you can apply same rules in any situation. For example if you have been eating healthy for whole week go and get frozen yoghurt with a friend. Little changes in your daily routine can be really benefit you in keeping a healthy mindset.


And most of us tend to think Monday as the worst day of the week. Changing this attitude might make it easier get through what feels like a long Monday to rather a very motivational Monday. Remember if we change the way we think, everything around us will adjust to our positive will.


To feel energized on a Monday, make sure Sundays are just for yourself and make the most of the day by engaging in your favorite things to do. Sunday can help to restore all that energy you needed on the beginning of the week. If you have any household work or to catch up with a friend, try get them finished on a Saturday. And also it is a good idea to keep most of Sundays dedicated to a no work or social media related activities as this could give you the right motivation and a fresh mindset.


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